Our Services

CAFDI supports private sector and public sector organizations with sponsored research and learning and thought leadership events. Thought leadership is the new paradigm for how businesses market themselves and build brand equity. Thought leadership evolves through the efforts of both individuals and businesses making the commitment to develop a deeper understanding of the specific forces shaping their industry.  Thought leadership enables companies to build strategic value in their industry that transcends ad campaigns, PR activities or marketing initiatives. Thought leaders get noticed by offering something different—information, insights, and ideas–, thus earning trust and credibility.  Thought leadership positions the company as an industry authority and resource and trusted advisor.


We encourage — and enable — our clients to think from the outside-in, that is, to begin by exploring the important dynamics and factors beyond their sector, industry or geographical borders and boundaries, before thinking about how their sector, industry, organization, institution, community or region  — might evolve


We do not predict the future; rather, we help identify the most important uncertainties in order to create multiple scenarios of how the world and the industry might unfold. Scenarios are a well established, tested, and powerful tool for making decisions, generating ideas, framing research, crafting visions, and developing new directions and initiatives


We do not begin with answers. Rather we are in the business of discovering the answers, together with our clients. Co-creation not only liberates the collective intelligence, but it also produces deep, enduring learning among successful adults, enabling them to make wiser decisions about the future and act with greater confidence in the present.

We work in close partnership with our client’s core team with the explicit objective of co-designing the engagement to meet their needs and then sharing relevant design and process skills. This helps to ensure that our work provides on-going value and impact by continuing to enrich the strategic conversation long after the project has been completed.  We seek to integrate as broad a range of perspectives as possible by involving many different parts of the sector or organization in the discovery process, and bringing in key stakeholders, as appropriate.  We also incorporate active input from visionary, relevant thought leaders outside of the area of research as needed. Our praxis facilitates the participation of broad cross-section of society,  thus allowing for wholistic multidisciplinary viewpoints and perspectives to CAFDI’s analyses and solutions.