Board of Directors


Charmaine Gravesandy (MBA) is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Development Foresight Institute.

In 2004, she established Bridge Consulting and Trade providing professional services to businesses in strategic planning, project management, financial management, and management information systems.  Ms. Gravesandy has worked in the field of SME development for over five years with special focus on policy development, entrepreneurial training, business support services and the management of financial portfolios.

She has worked throughout the Caribbean region and the USA, in programmes to aid with the development of the SME sector.    A member of the Competency Standards and Assessment Review Committee for the  National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training.  Ms. Gravesandy is a former Chief Executive Officer of the National Development Foundation of Jamaica and has served as a Director of the Small Business Association of Jamaica.


Dr. Claire Nelson (Ph.D) is Director and Co-founder of Development Foresight Institute.

Dr. Nelson is the Ideation Leader of the Futures Forum, a thought leadership practice which promotes and conducts strategic foresight and integral development consulting, with a particular interest in global challenges.    Since founding the Futures Forum in 2004, she has convened/facilitated several public fora on strategic foresight including Caribbean Vision 2020; the inaugural Youth Forum of the World Future Society; the African Futures Program of the  African American Unity Caucus (AAUC), and a Special Youth Dialogue on the Future at the Inter-American Development Bank.  A Member of the International Editorial Board of the World Future Society, she also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Alternative Futures.  Read More…


Dr. Nsombi Jaja (PMP) Director

Dr. Jaja is the Managing Director of Quality Management Consultancy Co. Ltd., which she founded in 1986, a consulting practice providing assistance to the Caribbean business community in the areas of strategy development, quality management, productivity and customer service management. She is the President of Quality Management Consultancy Inc. USA located in South Florida and a member of the board of the Institute of Caribbean Studies located in Washington DC.